Ecommerce Design Trends [2020]

Ecommerce Design Trends [2020]
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Running a successful online store isn’t a cakewalk! For many reasons, it is a complex job and demands continuous care to keep the website fresh. Outdated eCommerce design hinders customer engagement and you’ve to avoid yours becoming one. For that reason, we have compiled a list of ecommerce design trends for 2020, which surely will:

  1. Help in lead generation
  2. Win you more sales 
  3. Improve your conversion rate 
  4. Scale up your ROI 

Ecommerce took a sharp leap partly because design propelled user engagement to the next level. Shoppers evolve as shoppers, so do e-commerce stores. But if somehow evolution is cut short, e-commerce might lose its impetus. 

That’s how e-commerce trends work, you adapt or fall behind. For an eCommerce Website Development company, it’s a challenge to help businesses reinvent, redesign and relive e-commerce all over again. 

Imagine walking into a store with an uninviting atmosphere, won’t you rather go away than shop there? Obviously, stepping into the shoes of shoppers and seeing things from their perspective is going to make a difference in the way you wish your eCommerce store to look. 

Anywhere we go, well-organized stores attract us the most, and that’s, by the way, the human thing! And giving a human touch to a store’s overall feel and ambiance is a cool thing to do. After all, appearances still hold sway, ignore it and business frays as if it were some cheap fabric. That’s why web design trends [2020] matter.

That brings us to our main topic, top eCommerce design trends businesses can look forward to in 2020 to reinvent and redesign their online store.

Ecommerce Design Trends for 2020

One thing about trends (of all sorts) is they celebrate simplicity. That’s why more simple your website’s layout, the better it is for your store. Dark mode, minimalism, accessibility, content-centric design are other ecommerce design trends you’ll need to follow in 2020 in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Here are the newest eCommerce design trends 2020:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Minimalism
  3. Accessibility
  4. Content-Centric Design
  5. Immersive 3D Graphic Design

Dark Mode

What’s trending in the realm of Website Design is dark mode. Users nowadays expect dark mode option on eCommerce websites. For reducing eye strain, it’s the right thing to do. 

For customers to have the best experience on your website, a design that adds value is a must. Dark theme is one way to ensure your store isn’t only attractive but also user-friendly. 

The dark mode works fine with OLED screens, reduces power usage, and glues customers to their screens for a longer time. With background turning dark, other elements get improved visibility and prominence.


Simple layouts work wonders. If you feel your eCommerce website is flooded with filters and widgets, hire reputed UI/UX Design agency like Toggloid Technologies to redesign your store. Keeping site navigation and site layout minimum is a new cool 2020 eCommerce design trends.

By minimalism, what’s implied here’s product’s features and functions should take minimum space. Emphasis should be on white space, more it is better it is for your design. Fonts are large and navigation is simple, points to look out for in 2020 design trends.


Technology is inclusive, it cuts across boundary lines, ideologies, ethnicities to cater to the needs of humanity. Customer expectations have shot up exponentially when it comes to greater accessibility to digital stores, especially for users with disabilities.

Designs need to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as formulated by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It’s a great initiative meant to serve shoppers who’ve disabilities. Consequently, you won’t have to fear lawsuits for lacking accessibility as well. 

Content-Centric Design

Shoppers need content to discover new products. Good content helps shoppers make rational purchases. That’s why pictures can’t replace good content. But eCommerce sites often can be found paying more attention to picture-and-video-centric design and ignoring a content-centric design. 

Linking a product detail page to product image is how you make your design content-centric. Also, insert links to your products in a blog post so that as readers pass by product name, a mini-cart pops up allowing shoppers to purchase or add it to cart right there.

Immersive 3D Graphic Design

It’s not surprising for 3D graphic design to feature in the list of eCommerce design trends for 2020. It’s been around for some time now. But why is it a design trend now has to do with its affordability. Never in the past has 3D technology been so commonplace and affordable as it is now.

That’s why it’s one of 2020’s best web design trends. For immersive user experience, you need 3D technology for a 3D makeover of your eCommerce store. 3D graphic design improves the visual experience on an eCommerce website, besides engaging users for a longer time.


Give a new look to your eCommerce store with our top eCommerce design trends for 2020. Don a futuristic web design and plunge into the realm of eCommerce with a bang. Users today are smart enough to sequester mediocre design from a professional one. These trends help make your design alluring, visually pleasing and pave way for long term customer engagement.

Are you in need of a design or redesign? Toggloid Technologies houses the finest web designers to hire who incorporate the latest web design trends to deliver futuristic ecommerce designs. Reach out to us at  or fill up our Contact form to see your ecommerce business flourish.

Umang Suneja

Umang Suneja is the Co-founder of Toggloid Technologies. He is a website design, development, and digital marketing consultant. He is also a tech enthusiast, design lover, creative thinker, and full-stack developer.
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