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Send your contacts newsletters & emails in one go.


Email marketing made fast, simple and easy with Mailchimp.

Need to launch an email campaign or deliver regular newsletters to your subscription base? Use Mailchimp, your freaky little marketing automation platform to reach out to your audience via emails.

Creative email templates that convert into leads.

Mailchimp offers you loads of creative and attractive email templates, and you can use one, best fitting your business’s marketing strategy, to deliver your message to the masses in a professional manner.

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Things you can only do with Mailchimp

Design and Launch Email Campaigns

Using Mailchimp email templates you can create beautiful emails, newsletters, with no HTML knowledge at all needed. Whether you want to send it instantly or schedule for a later time, you can do it with ease.

Automate Email Campaigns

The best thing about Mailchimp is automation. Every time a new user subscribes to your website, it automatically sends welcome and thank you messages. That shows why Mailchimp integration is important.

Inbox Preview and Testing

You can test how well your email campaign resonates with your audience by testing it yourself and previewing it. If you find mistakes and errors in template, content or design of your email or newsletter, you can redesign it before your customers receive it.

Geotargeting Campaigns

Sometimes marketing campaigns target particular locality, say a city. Mailchimp’s geotargeting feature allows you to run an email marketing campaign for a particular geographical area. For a successful email campaign, geotargeting is a must.


End result of a campaign is as important as launching one. Mailchimp’s analytics feature shows you in real-time how successful your campaign has been. Besides, it shows which links performed better. You can use this data to better your upcoming campaigns.

Mailchimp helps you manage mailing lists, schedule
campaigns, and send newsletters.

Sometimes, launching and scheduling campaign becomes a very hectic process. Because you’ve to create a mailing list first, for that you’ve to see who’s subscribed to your business. If you’re planning a more personalized email campaign for a targeted audience, things get worse still as it’s a time-consuming process.

With Mailchimp integrated into your eCommerce website, you can automate the whole email marketing process. It’s easier to use, has a simple interface, and offers you a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs.


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