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As the leading Shopify Partners, Toggloid Technologies houses the most experienced Shopify experts. They design, develop, and help Shopify stores grow.

Why Shopify? As a business, your aim is to find the best platform on which to host your ecommerce website. And Shopify is that platform. Over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide use Shopify. Shopify is one of the most trusted ecommerce platforms available to run a business on web/digitally. That’s why eCommerce is migrating to Shopify in droves. As the powerhouse driving the future of ecommerce, Shopify contributes $183 billion to the global economy.

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Shopify Website Design

Shopify is the future of ecommerce, build it with us. Shopify website design is our specialization. In addition, we renew and customize existing Shopify websites, help businesses migrate from Magento 1 to Shopify. Moreover, we offer businesses Shopify website design help in developing user-friendly Shopify ecommerce stores. We integrate Shopify apps, third-party apps, accounting software like QuickBooks with your ecommerce site to help it scale quicker.

Shopify Store Development from Scratch
Migration from Magento to Shopify
Shopify App Development
Custom, Responsive Shopify Theme Development
Shopify Store focused Digital Marketing
Shopify API Integration

Shopify Design Experts

Join hands with our Shopify design experts who exactly how to design a Shopify website. Our Shopify web designers are ready to deploy their expertise in order to craft a unique digital storefront for your ecommerce. One-design-fits-all doesn’t avail if you’re designing a Shopify store. The needs of your eCommerce are unique, so should be Shopify design.

Shopify Custom Design

As a Shopify design agency, we aim to increase a business’s ROI by customizing a Shopify theme. That’s to say, Shopify theme customization is a marketing gimmick. By tailoring it to suit your brand, we help businesses improve their sales. Our Shopify custom design services include social media integration, sign-ups, contact forms, third-party App integration (APIs) and custom checkout pages. Besides, we help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Shopify Tracking and Analytics

Time impedes growth if you’re not ahead of it. It brings new challenges and, overnight changes the technological landscape. Our Shopify designers possess the knowledge, skillset, and hands-on experience with the latest analytics tools needed to help your online store get traffic, revenue, and conversions.

Our affordable Shopify website design pricing is the reason we’re the best Shopify design agency. We offer owners metrics and insights on their businesses. Furthermore, our Shopify SEO services and content optimization drive potential audience to your website.

Shopify Development

Businesses need a robust platform to go online. While in Shopify you get a trusted eCommerce platform, a need for most trusted Shopify development companies still remains. As a Shopify eCommerce development company, Toggloid Technologies fulfills that need. 

Shopify and Toggloid Technologies combined can fend off any eCommerce challenge businesses face, just name it. Mostly, businesses complain about three big challenges:

No Visitors
We’ve seen businesses go online, but shut down soon after because there’s no traffic. The problem lies not with your business model, It may be because your site hasn’t been properly optimized.

Solution: Our Shopify theme developers incorporate keywords at the coding level into your Shopify website. Keywords that resonate with your target audience are more efficient to ensure conversion than an advertisement. Our content optimization techniques, email marketing services, also play their part in helping you reach your target audience.
No Buyers
There’s another case where businesses complain they receive traffic but visits don’t translate into buys.

Solution: Our analytics tools examine various elements of your website, including bounce rate, customer behavior, market analysis, and offer recommendations on how to revamp, re-strategize, re-market your brand. Basically, it exposes loopholes, rectifies errors, and enhances customer engagement.
Redesign, but how?
What’s needed is redesign. But here comes another complaint - how do you redesign, we don't do it, we’re a business, not a web developer! There can’t be anything truer! While you recognize the problem, why stay stuck! Reach us, we’re a web development company, specializing in eCommerce solutions, and move on.

Solution: We’re a team of expert Shopify developers, specializing in Shopify theme development, Shopify website development, Shopify store development. We’ve mastered the art of converting stray visitors into returning customers, and that’s what store owners need.

Our Objectives as your Shopify partner

As a Shopify web development company, we aim to bridge the gap between offline operations of a business and its online components. We offer eCommerce businesses an integrated user experience on their online stores, fully equipped to drive traffic, generate revenue, and scale.

Shopify Site Control and Ownership

Once we’re done developing your Shopify site and make sure it is fully functional, we had it over to you. Therefore, you remain in full control of your business. At affordable Shopify website development cost, we add new functionalities, including automation, to your business. As a result, you can focus only on scaling up your business.

Easy Shopify Purchase Process

Keeping the purchase process simple is a foundational element of our Shopify web development policy. Simple checkout wins customers! Since it encourages a customer to buy a product. ‘Cart Abandonment’ hurts, we understand. That’s why we offer insightful strategies to businesses on how to counter it. Additionally, we spice up Shopify stores with enticements like ‘Free Shipping Worldwide,’ ‘New/Guest Checkout,’ ‘Coupon Auto-Applied,’ which improve sales and revenues significantly.

User-Centric Shopify Design

The secret behind impeccable Shopify design is stepping into customer’s shoes and developing a website from their perspective. We keep Shopify stores simple, engaging, and intuitive. With features like easy navigation, we improve customer experience and user interface significantly.

Mobile-First Shopify Design

Our Shopify developers give ample attention to the fact that a mobile-first design strategy is proving gamechanger in the eCommerce world. Today, we have more mobile users than there ever was, and the numbers are increasing. By developing responsive Shopify websites, we offer your mobile-based audience an impeccable shopping experience.

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