Ecommerce is Migrating to Shopify in Droves, Here’s Why?

Ecommerce is Migrating to Shopify in Droves, Here’s Why?
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Why is eCommerce migrating to Shopify, businesses ask?

A flurry of questions follows, which need answers too! Ecommerce organizations are migrating to Shopify in great numbers. A lot of businesses who haven’t yet migrated but are clearly looking forward to it wonder why is Shopify good? Those whose stores are on Shopify say Shopify is good! Everyone else wonders how and why?

As an eCommerce platform, Shopify has carved a name for itself. Shopify’s $1.58 billion in revenues in 2019 sums up its growth story vehemently. With growth rate pegged at 47% and $34.3 million as net income, Shopify is off to a great, even disruptive, start.

 Firstly, the numbers quoted above prove Shopify is expanding far and wide. Secondly, you can glimpse in it the unabating rise of e-commerce, which continues to startle many. In other words, the question we should be asking today is what exactly inspires businesses, eCommerce stores to migrate to Shopify.

Why is Shopify good for eCommerce? Is Shopify really the best eCommerce platform?

Let’s try to make sense of things by asking another question, what is Shopify? Most importantly, Shopify is a cloud-based platform/software for e-commerce hosting. In other words, businesses use Shopify to build online stores. 

Shopify offers digital e-commerce solutions to small, medium and large businesses. However, for larger enterprises whose customer-bases run into thousands Shopify Plus is a go-to platform. Though, businesses need to take care that they hire a top-notch Shopify website design and development company like Toggloid Technologies in order to get maximum out of Shopify.

Businesses from all kinds of industries, selling all kinds of products are turning to Shopify. Truth is, it doesn’t disappoint businesses! That’s to say, without having coding expertise, Shopify users can configure their digital stores as seamlessly as possible.

Why businesses migrate to Shopify?

In fact, for businesses that sell products of various colors, shapes, sizes, Shopify is just a perfect platform to start selling nonstop. Above all, selling products isn’t only easier but also a lot quicker. In addition, multi-tag filtering is another ingenious feature you get with Shopify. 

Shopify’s in-built tools add significantly to a business’s overall functionality. For example, to businesses of grand size and scale, Shopify offers overwhelming scalability. Businesses can avail Shopify’s marketing tools to fruitfully deliver on their strategies more efficiently. 

Be it pricing or discounts, coupon offerings or shipping options, Shopify offers users impeccable customer experience in its stores. Similarly, its payment and inventory make customer-business relationship longlasting and insightful. 

In short, its recent growth trajectory and positive customer response substantiate why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform available.

“Benefits of using Shopify:” Are these the reasons why businesses are migrating to Shopify?

For business owners of any scale and size, Shopify is an ideal eCommerce platform for launching an online store. Businesses have been flocking Shopify migration service providers fervently to reap benefits Shopify offers. What are those benefits, let’s see… 

  • On Shopify, businesses get to launch digital stores not only quickly but also seamlessly.
  • Shopify as a robust eCommerce platform empowers businesses to sell products online as well as in physical stores. 
  • Shopify’s mobile-first design strategy connects businesses with a larger mobile audience. 
  • Shopify’s easy-to-use interface helps businesses develop customized stores seamlessly, which offer personalized service to customers.
  • On Shopify, businesses utilize various tools, in-built and third-party, to scale up their business.
  • Shopify as a top-notch e-commerce platform is affordable given the slew of services it offers to business in one place.
  • Businesses add different functions, related to analytics, email marketing, tracking, to their stores by integrating third-party apps. 

Shopify isn’t just another e-commerce platform! It transcends a mere “eCommerce” tag!

Ecommerce isn’t all about selling online. There’s more to it than just sales. For example, without a robust product inventory and database in place, a business can’t sell seamlessly. It’s here that Shopify and other eCommerce platforms part ways. Here’s how…

1. Shopify handles large inventories

Got a large inventory, don’t worry Shopify is capable of handling it with ease! In addition, Shopify stores make customization quite seamless. All backend functionalities are taken care of by Shopify while businesses focus on scaling of their digital stores.

2. Shopify integrates with social media seamlessly

Shopify’s social media integration is akin to expanding your market far and wide. Integration with social media opens up new sales channels for businesses in territories not known before. Not just Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, businesses can integrate and manage with relative ease multiple social media platforms.

3. Shopify’s POS lets businesses sell online as well as offline

Shopify is a dynamic eCommerce platform. In addition to online store set up, selling, transaction, it has got all business-related functionalities covered. For instance, Shopify’s POS gives business flexibility to sell both online and offline. While you do so, it manages and keeps track of product inventories so that you don’t miss a single detail.

4. Shopify improves eCommerce website’s SEO

For an e-commerce site, SEO is necessary to reach your target audience and sell. With Shopify, businesses can incorporate SEO into product photos, product descriptions, product listings, etc. In short, Shopify as an eCommerce platform is SEO-friendly.

5. Shopify shoulders updates and security fixes

Unlike other e-commerce platforms where you’re responsible for maintaining the security of your store, Shopify shoulders the responsibility of updates and security fixes. Additionally, various apps are available on Shopify, which you can integrate in order to make your Shopify store robust.


There’s not one but tens of reasons as to why Shopify is the most sought-after ecommerce platform. Not only is it cheaper, with minimal maintenance costs, but Shopify also provides hosting solutions to businesses. 

On Shopify,  you get abandoned cart functionality, dropshipping facility, built-in payment processing system with Shopify Payments, responsive templates, and more. 

Is it still surprising to you why as many stores as 1,000,000 are hosted on Shopify? And why more and more businesses migrate to Shopify? Or, why Magento to Shopify migration has become a norm now?

So, are you ready to migrate your store to Shopify? Toggloid Technologies is all set to offer you impeccable Shopify migration services. Be it Magento to Shopify migration, Shopify Website Design & Development services, we’ve got you covered. Reach us at or fill our Contact Us form to start migrating to Shopify today!

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