5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

5 Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment
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Shopping cart abandonment is the biggest challenge eCommerce businesses face. When customers abandon the cart, it is a huge loss to the business. As a result, business owners often search for ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment

For shoppers too, abandoning the cart isn’t less creepy. Canceling your cart is tough as purchasing could get really tiring. For businesses especially, it is disheartening because lots of marketing efforts go into driving customers to an eCommerce site

For e-commerce owners how to reduce shopping cart abandonment is a primary question. That calls for looking into user behavior and how they interact with your store. If there are problems with your eCommerce website that incites your customers to abandon shopping carts, blame has to be borne by site, not customers.

That’s why we’ve here compiled a list of five ways utilizing which ecommerce businesses can reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve ROI and conversion rate

1. Consistent Pricing 

Let your customers know product pricing at the earliest. Pushing it down to the very end of the purchase process stunts customers. As a result, consumers leave the cart and abandon the purchase. 

Knowing total and subtotal at the earliest helps customers make rational monetary decisions.  So, it’s incumbent on eCommerce businesses to show total pricing with taxes and shipping charges included. 

Use sidebars, screen tops to display product prices prominently. Similarly, use promo codes with the same prominence so that customers think twice before abandoning the shopping cart. 

2. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs often confuse customers and is a major reason why shopping cart abandonment exists. Instead of making it complicated, try to keep it simple, clear and concise.

Businesses often abstain from including shipping costs in the final pricing in the hope of keeping costs low. But it backfires as it stuns customers when it is included in the final prices at checkout.

In other words, shipping costs, policies should be made known prominently very early. Also, free-shipping options if any should be vividly displayed. Doing so keeps customers’ expectations realistic, and isn’t shocked at final checkout. 

Otherwise, customers sometimes find it too high or feel it is no value for money simply because your shipping policy is not clear. 

3. Optimize Form Fields

Ecommerce is all about facilitating consumers to shop with ease and accessibility. Focusing on improving service shoppers expect from your store is how you could reduce cart abandonment. 

Reducing the number of steps before the final checkout is how user experience is improved as it is in line with consumer expectations. 

Too many form fields just put out there without proper optimization mars closure of sales and promote cart abandonment.

Nevertheless, you can get rid of form field issues by employing tools such as Lucky Orange. It’ll help you monitor and analyze form fields responsible for card abandonment. Doing so, you can reduce shopping cart abandonment significantly.

4. Email Automation

CRMs play a pivotal role in today’s ecommerce realm. Like it is said, data is the new gold. CRM is your go-to place in the digital landscape of your businesses where you can find tons of customer data and information. 

But, if you can add to your CRM email automation capability, you could simply reduce cart abandonment without putting much effort.

In simple terms, you should deploy email automation tools such as Klaviyo. Doing so helps businesses collect and track email addresses. Besides being affordable, it is also easier to set up and integrate with CRM. Once done, it can send emails to customers whenever they abandon the cart.

5. Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience

Whenever a customer makes a contact with your online store, you’ve to grab him, and not let him go without checking out successfully.

Highly achievable, but if customers start leaving carts and not reach a point where the sale is actually conducted, getting hold of customers gets real tough.

During their shopping journey if your customers get stuck, be sure that they’re experiencing a glitch and come with FAQs immediately. The aim should be to not give him/her a chance to abandon the shopping cart.

Similarly, if your customers access your store using mobiles, coming up with CTAs such as CLICK-TO-CALL, or LIVE CHAT prove helpful in helping users to seamlessly checkout.

Additionally, you can put out information resources as well in order to streamline the checkout process for your customers.


In fact, 5 ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment isn’t going to help you put a stop to cart abandonment overnight. There’s more to it and you’ll need to master it. That said, it is also true that all of it boils down to improving customers’ shopping experience while he/she is on your eCommerce website.

In addition to that, using new tools like Klaviyo and Lucky Orange, and more, help you automatically roll out email notifications to consumers leaving their carts and optimize form fields, respectively.

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